Welcome to the Folsom/EDH Game Club

Welcome to the Folsom/EDH Game Club. We are an all ages, all gamer type club that promotes social gaming in a safe and friendly environment. Currently the club meets once per month at Raley’s in El Dorado Hills.

Why should you be a part of this club?

  • No dues/fees to play.
  • Safe, family friendly environment.
  • No commitment to attend every session or an entire single session. Come and go as you please.
  • Friendly people willing to help teach games, answer questions about games that might be a good fit for the player/family, etc.
  • There are always games available to play, so you don’t need to bring anything to have fun.
  • Always plenty of parking.

If you have played board games as a kid and have not explored the world of boardgaming recently, we invite you to come by and see what’s new! If you are a¬†veteran¬†gamer, bring your favorite games or the latest/greatest game and play your heart out!

We look forward to meeting and playing some games with you.

– Ian Noble


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